Jack & Friends Jerky
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Plant-Based Jerky for Any Lifestyle

Made with Jackfruit + Pea Protein. Vegan. 21g of Protein per bag. Top 8 allergen-free. good source of fiber. no added sugar.


Why Jack & Friends?

Jack & Friends® was born to satisfy the growing demand for better-for-you snacks that effortlessly fit into any lifestyle. Too many snacks force us to sacrifice one benefit for another: high protein but not allergen-friendly, low fat but high added sugar, plant-based but inconvenient. Let our jerky solve all of the above—and taste great while doing it. Ready to put down that energy bar? Learn more about what makes us different from your average snack.


Our Jerky

All Jack & Friends® jerky mimics the texture and appearance of real meat, but uses completely plant-based ingredients. The combination of jackfruit and pea protein provides a textural experience unlike any other meat alternative and allows for limitless flavor options. Our flagship Jack & Tom variety uses tomatoes, poblano peppers, and spices to pack each bite with bold, savory flavor and a spicy kick. Buy a bag (or two) today—free shipping on all U.S. orders!

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 we love our jerky, but don’t just take our word for it

I have to let you know that it’s SO FREAKIN GOOD. I couldn’t stop eating them before dinner last night haha. I love the packaging, your brand name, and the ingredients are so on point.
— Donya M.
This jerky is amazing! The flavor profile is unreal.
— Scott B.
I popped open a bag immediately (no willpower over here haha) and LOVED it!! I have to be honest, I was never a huge jerky fan (actually never ate real jerky before I was vegan but have tried many different vegan ones) but the flavor was so on point I couldn’t help but go in for seconds and thirds. Loved the texture too (chewy without being too “meaty”). I could definitely see myself snacking on this or even adding it into a sandwich or torn up into pieces on top of a rice bowl!
— Julianne H.
I will say that it was obvious that there are tomatoes in the ingredients, but the other flavors contrasted it well. I’ll probably eat an entire bag tonight if my fiancé doesn’t finish it before I do. :)
— Shakayla H.
I just tried it now and oh, it’s so good! I love the poblano flavor, it’s so yummy!
— Crystal T.

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