Plant-based jerky for any lifestyle & occasion

Inclusivity is our platform—we’re on a mission to create snacks for anyone and any lifestyle.


Plant-based jerky for: Students

Whether you’re a teenager or young adult, students of all ages need fuel for their body and brains. It’s tempting to reach for that bag of chips or sugar-loaded protein bar when you’re on-the-go between classes or need a mid-study snack break, which is why we made our healthy jerky portable and easy to eat. Because our plant-based jerky is also packed with protein, it will maintain satiety longer, allowing you to focus on your studies instead of hunger. Most importantly, we don’t want you to waste time determining whether you can eat our product—as a vegan, top 8 allergen-free (gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free), keto, low fat, and no added sugar snack made from jackfruit and pea protein, you can save time on reading our label and researching our jerky to spend on finishing that assignment instead.

Example uses and eating occasions:

  • Grab and go snack in between classes

  • Healthy and filling study snack

  • School lunch addition

  • Protein bar replacement

Plant-based jerky for: Fitness enthusiasts

Exercise and fitness are important to maintain healthy, active lifestyles, but food choices can often be a hindrance in meeting our goals—especially if you follow a particular diet. When you’re vegan but also looking to gain muscle for bodybuilding, your snack options are pretty limited. Even if your situation is less specific than that, any fitness enthusiasts that are vegan / vegetarian, or just looking to transition into a more plant-based diet, have fewer snack options if they’re also maintaining high protein, high fiber, keto, low fat, low sugar, and/or refined sugar-free diets. That’s where Jack & Friends comes in. Our jerky made from jackfruit and pea protein is a perfect source of plant-based protein, and it’s convenient to take on-the-go to the gym, hiking, or anywhere you exercise.

Example uses and eating occasions:

  • Pre-workout and post-workout snack

  • Protein bar replacement

  • On-the-go gym and hiking snack

  • Meat alternative / meat substitute for beef jerky


Plant-based jerky for: office professionals

Let’s face it—millennials aren’t dubbed the “burnout generation” for no reason. Working hard and long hours is commonplace for many professionals, which can lead to some pretty unhealthy eating habits. How many times have you dug through your desk for yet another protein bar or sifted through the packaged snacks in the office break room? If you’re losing weight (and hair) from snacking on empty calories or skipping meals altogether, and your office isn’t carrying any plant-based snacks, it’s time to stock up on our jerky. As a healthy, vegan / vegetarian, and allergy-free option, it’s a great snack to satisfy your cravings and fuel your long workday.

Example uses and eating occasions:

  • Healthy, grab and go desk snack

  • Office snack box item

  • Emergency meal substitute

  • Business travel snack

Plant-based jerky for: families

Families often have to consider not only various food preferences, but also different dietary restrictions. Children have a variety of food allergies, which makes it difficult for parents to find suitable snacks (other than the typical sugar-filled, sweet treats) to pack in the school lunch box, offer at birthday parties, or bring on the road. Our vegan and top 8 allergen-free (gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free) jerky made from jackfruit and pea protein is the perfect risk-free, healthy option for kids—and even better, it’s a delicious snack for adults as well. Packed with the flavor, Jack & Friends jerky is sure to satisfy all members of the family, making your grocery shopping that much easier.

Example uses and eating occasions:

  • All-in-one snack for adults and children

  • Allergen-free snack for children’s birthday parties

  • Picnic and school lunch addition

  • Vacation / road trip snacks